Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Common Clown

The common man is the memorable character created by R.k.Lakshman representing the Indian middle class, their hopes and aspirations. It  appeared in the daily comic strip "You Said It".

At work we are decorating the new office and creating a 'cirqusified' version of the famous art works. I choose the common man and converted it into the common clown. Done in mypaint as usual.

The Common Clown

Sunday, November 15, 2015

get file path in shell using hot key

In the previous post, I wrote about a small shell script I created to copy current working directory (pwd) to clipboard. I have made few modifications to it and now you can select the file name and will get the full path of the file along with the name of the file

bind '"\eOS":"echo -n $(pwd)/$(xclip -o) | xclip -selection clipboard \n"'

Bash is awesome! Automating stuff is so fun!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

NatronRenderer override output path

We have been heavily using natron at work for all our compositing needs. It is very powerful and growing at an amazing pace.

While trying to do a network render on cgru I wanted to override the output path set in the write node. The help on the NatronRenderer is not clear enough, here is some explanation on it.

Create and setup your whole network in the regular way. After the final write node add a "output" node. 

Output node won't have any properties. This will take the properties from the previous write node and pass it on to the NatronRenderer for modifications in the cli.

While rendering from cgru or command line you can specify. -o /path/to/the/override/folder/test.###.png. For multiple write nodes, You can connect multiple output nodes and specify them with -o1 and -o2

So, the final command will be like this...

/path/to/NatronRenderer -o /path/to/the/override/folder/test.###.jpg startFrame-endFrame /path/to/the/file.ntp

Enjoy natron network rendering.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Why Linux Certification

Just after posting about the Linux certification on my blog I realized that some people might think why did I went for the certification. In fact, few of my technology friends asked whether I am planning to become a full time system administrator.

The answer is a No. That would be last of my options. The real reason is, I like Linux. I have been using it full time for the past 5 years and am sure I would be using in the future also, in one form or the other. Right now I am using centos both at work and on my home pc. I just installed it and started exploring and learnt on my own. This way I got a decent knowledge of the operating system and command line usage. But I always don't know certain simple stuff like how do I connect my pendrive, how do I install packages (confidently, with out fear of breaking things) and I wanted to know how to set up basic web server and file sharing servers.

I can learn all these stuff by just googling around and on top of that I hate sitting in the class other than me exploring and learning on my own. But, I went for it because I will get to know people who are experts in that area. I will have access to the lab. I can experiment with things and learn with out the fear of losing the data on the machine. That's one reason I got a raspberry pi but never got the chance to use it properly and gave it to my nephew.

It was a very good experience and learned a ton of stuff. RHCSA is a bit repetition of the stuff i already knew but I would recommend if for people who are new to linux, even if you are not planning to become a system administrator. But RHCE is full of juicy stuff like nfs, yum and Apache server set ups. I learned a lot of new stuff and got exposed to technologies which I wouldn't have used otherwise.

I can't share much about the exam but I will try to give a general overview. All Red hat exams are fully practical. There are no multiple choice questions. You will be given preconfigured virtual machine and you are expected to achieve a list of tasks. So, Don't just learn. Practice, practice, practice. During the exam, attempt the toughest problems first. If you are not able to get it working or have few errors you can always reset the vms and start from the beginning. They are very time constrained, Manage it efficiently. Good Luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My linux story

I am happy to share that my journey with linux has been puplished as part of "My Linux Story" series on by Red Hat.

You can read the article at or if you are a medium lover like me.

I would love to hear your comments on it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Hat Certification

Its been long I have updated the blog. I was busy with lot of stuff.

If you have been to this place before, you know that I am a huge open source enthusiast. I do all my personal works on open source software and linux.

I have been using Linux for past few years and really like it. It has a special place in my heart. Past few months I was busy preparing for my Red Hat certification exams.

I am ecstatic that I cleared both Red Hat Certified Systems administrator and Red Hat Certified Engineer exams. It's actually a very good feeling to pass the exam, what ever it is :P

You can check my Red Hat Certification profile here.

Usually both the exams will be done on the same day back to back. But this time they gave the opportunity to write a week apart. I thought having a gap of once week helps for preparation but that turned out to be a big issue. I wrote the first one on August 14 and cleared it. Next day, I met with an accident and fractured both my wrists (Even I don't know how I managed to break both :P) and was bed ridden for almost two months. I attempted the second exam 2 months later and passed it.

So, All these days I was busy with work, certification and recovering from the injuries. Now that am completely recovered, will try to keep this place more updated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Maya: Restore busy cursor

A small annoying thing with maya, especially with arnold renderer is that if you start a render and cancel, the cursor won't come back to its normal stage from the busy mode. It keep showing the spinning wheel or what ever the display settings are set to.

It is hard to work with that cursor. This two lines of code should fix that issue.

import PySide

Wednesday, June 3, 2015