Tuesday, December 17, 2013

multi layer patch copy

 There are times, we will be doing texturing for assets on one side and want to copy the same to the other half of the model( at least base layers if not the details).

Wrote this script to easy out the copying task...

First...You define UDIM Mapping:
In udim mapping you specify the source and target patches.
source patch is the patch you want to copy image data from and target patch is the patch you want to copy data to. clear ?

It will be written as follow
eg: 1 : 2    read as udim 1001 will be copied to udim 1002

The advantage with udim mapping is you can specify multiple mappings in one go.
 eg: 1 : 2 / 3 : 4  read as udim 1001 copied to udim 1002 and(/) udim 1003 copied to udim1004

you can also specify multiple target patches
 eg: 1 : 2 , 3 , 4    read as udim 1001 will be copied to udim 1002 and 1003 and 1004
so we have multiple target patches here...

to avoid repetition you can specify range also
eg: 1 : 2 - 4       same as above. read udim 1001 will be copied fo udims 1002,1003,1004
here "-" denotes range

so to illustrate an example... a file with 10s of udim patches with may repetetions will look something like this...

eg, 1 : 2 - 6, 9, 15, 21 / 5 : 11, 12, 13 / 10 : 14

It might be a bit of work to define the udim mapping for the first time. But once done you can use it through out the life of the prop.

So, while closing the file you might want to save your mapping in  a text editor as it was waste of time to re write it every day (Imagine in produciton when you have 100s of udims). Don't worry... One you hit copy. The udim map you defined will be saved to a .txt file in your log directory.  You can hit recover udim mapping and it will get the udim mapping back for you.
fair enough?

Added to that.. It will save the udim mapping for all the objects in the file. Lets say you have 3 objects in the file and you wrote udim mapping for all 3 of them. It will save the udim mapping for all of them with respect to their name and will recover back based on your current object.  This will work fine untill and unless you changed your object name.

Some of the advantages of the script...

1. This copying stuff happens for all the selected layers. So, you can select a bunch of layers and it will copy for only that particulary layers.

2. It will take care of all the mask stacks, or mask on the selected layers.

3. It will take care of all the masks on the adjustment layers in the adjustment stack.

4. It works recursively... so just selecting a group layer will be enough if you want to copy for the whole group.

here is the script...
This one needs more rigorous testing and any feedback on it will be appreciated!

code here... multi layer patch copy

Mari Tools: Toggle Layer Visiblity and Lock

Most of my script ideas came from using photoshop. As a texture painter I was so used to photoshop I try to get the same functionality in mari. One of the features I found missing in mari is toggling the visibility of multiple layers.

Sometimes I want to quickly toggle the visbility of certain layers and see how the asset looks with out adding the details on that layer. Sadly in Mari there is no way you can turn the visibility of multiple layers in one go.

Hope foundry implements layer visibility like photoshop.
Till then enjoy the script...

oh... with this one you can toggle the lock also :)

here is the link to the script...
Toggle layer visibility and lock

Mari tools: Patch bake

Right now in mari there is not direct way to quickly get the selected patch to Image manager for the whole channel. "Patches > extract selected" extracts only for the current layer

So wrote this script to extract the selected patch for the whole channel to image manager.

*This in my view is a hack but will get the work done and is time saving when you want to do for lot of patches.
*It will try to merge all the layers in the current channel and export the selected patches to a local directory and read it back.

Mari Tools: Merge Duplicate Layers

Mari is awesome. It is the best softwares out there for texturing. And the good thing is anyone having a decent experience with photoshop can quickly adapt to it. Here is a small script to make it more awesome and make the life of texture artist a bit easy.

Merge duplicate layers will create a merged copy of selected layers. Photoshop has the same functionality ( ctrl + shift + E ). I found it missing in mari.

So, here it is...

Mari Tools: screenshot all channels

Rushing for dailies?
Here is a script to quickly take screenshot of all the channels(kd,ks...) for the current view.
Description on installation below...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Retopology workflow

I was a huge fan of retopology! With the implementation of bsurfaces it became one of my favourite tools in blender.  Here is a awesome demo by jonathan explaining the procedure. Retopology Workflow

I have written this small script to automate most of the procedure.
I have commented out the script in case if you think what it does.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

wireframe on shaded


In blender it has become too much of a hassle to check the wireframe of the objects. You have to go to object properties > display and turn on wire and draw all edges.

As I was used to the wire frame on shaded in maya I thought It would be nice if we have a shortcut to directly enable and disable wireframe for all the objects in the scene.

Wrote this small script to do that... you can toggle wireframe display with  shift + W

hope it helps.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

R.I.P.D trailer is out!

Did a ton of tracking, matchmoving and photomodeling work on this show!

Excited for the release!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Creative Process

ha ha... This is awesome and so true. I go through this ride on every render I do!


Study # 6

Genelia ???

Some times I just couldn't get it right, especially the face and I keep on tweaking it to the point where I loose the motivation to do it and take it any further. So, dumping it for now. Moving on to another study.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jodhpur Kite festival


Did everything in blender and rendered in cycles! Cycles is pretty awesome. Did some post in gimp as usual. Still trying to figure out rendering layers and composition in blender. Have to get a hang of compositor. May be one day will do a complete render just in blender :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The art of being still

Though written for and about writers... perfectly applies to drawing/painting or any other creative form.....


Time to stop blabbering and start working.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here goes my second study.

study # 2


Here goes the speeds of the week, did some 5 images.

speed paints week 02

Still feeling not comfortable with the choosing the colors and particulary the proportions and shapes are very off. On to the next week.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Art & Fear" on Quantity vs Quality

Supposedly from the book “Art & Fear”:

“The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality. His procedure was simple: on the final day of class he would bring in his bathroom scales and weigh the work of the “quantity” group: fifty pound of pots rated an “A”, forty pounds a “B”, and so on. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to produce only one pot – albeit a perfect one – to get an “A”.

Well, came grading time and a curious fact emerged:

The works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity.

It seems that while the “quantity” group was busily churning out piles of work – and learning from their mistakes – the “quality” group had sat theorizing about perfection, and in the end had little more to show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.”

Mat Kohr on Building Confidence

It always pays to visit the ctrlpaint website... Matt is such a good teacher and also a great motivator!
This video is awesome.

Thank you mat for introducing Noah's website.
It has such a nice piece of advices and guidance material... 
Here is the best of the best..

I did a screenshot of this post and printed it out and added to my inspiring material..

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ira Glass on Storytelling

The best piece of advice I ever found...

you can find the full version here.