Saturday, November 14, 2015

NatronRenderer override output path

We have been heavily using natron at work for all our compositing needs. It is very powerful and growing at an amazing pace.

While trying to do a network render on cgru I wanted to override the output path set in the write node. The help on the NatronRenderer is not clear enough, here is some explanation on it.

Create and setup your whole network in the regular way. After the final write node add a "output" node. 

Output node won't have any properties. This will take the properties from the previous write node and pass it on to the NatronRenderer for modifications in the cli.

While rendering from cgru or command line you can specify. -o /path/to/the/override/folder/test.###.png. For multiple write nodes, You can connect multiple output nodes and specify them with -o1 and -o2

So, the final command will be like this...

/path/to/NatronRenderer -o /path/to/the/override/folder/test.###.jpg startFrame-endFrame /path/to/the/file.ntp

Enjoy natron network rendering.

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