Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Hat Certification

Its been long I have updated the blog. I was busy with lot of stuff.

If you have been to this place before, you know that I am a huge open source enthusiast. I do all my personal works on open source software and linux.

I have been using Linux for past few years and really like it. It has a special place in my heart. Past few months I was busy preparing for my Red Hat certification exams.

I am ecstatic that I cleared both Red Hat Certified Systems administrator and Red Hat Certified Engineer exams. It's actually a very good feeling to pass the exam, what ever it is :P

You can check my Red Hat Certification profile here.

Usually both the exams will be done on the same day back to back. But this time they gave the opportunity to write a week apart. I thought having a gap of once week helps for preparation but that turned out to be a big issue. I wrote the first one on August 14 and cleared it. Next day, I met with an accident and fractured both my wrists (Even I don't know how I managed to break both :P) and was bed ridden for almost two months. I attempted the second exam 2 months later and passed it.

So, All these days I was busy with work, certification and recovering from the injuries. Now that am completely recovered, will try to keep this place more updated.

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